Well we made it. We leave for the airport in less than two hours after an all night packing spree. We'll be headed to LA then to Tokyo, Singapore, and then finally onto Dhaka. We will be able to recieve text messages at no charge to you or us so send away. However, we will only be able to send 50 back per month so we will be doing a text tree. If you want in drop us an email at cjbangladesh@gmail.com with  your cell # and type of phone (that way we can avoid the group chat confusion). Check back often for updates on what we are doing and how the project is progressing. We will have wifi every day as long as the power is on so we will be posting photos, adventures, stories, you name it. Again thank you everyone for your support, both Jordan and I have surrounded ourselves with some of the most inspiring and supportive people. Thank you.